EDGE Design


DGE DESIGN is a fansite header design site currently offering high quality and affordable fansite headers with some EDGE. I understand that my types of designs are not for everyone. But they might be for you. Take a minute and browse my premade header, customizable premade headers, freebies, and portfolio. - Jay

If you are ordering ANY headers please look this over before ordering.

To avoid confusion.. there are 3 different header types:

Premade Headers: Headers already created and available for sale.
Customizable Premades: Photoshop graphic base to use to make your own headers.
Custom Headers: Custom unique header made to your specifications.

Paypal is how I accept payment in USD. Send as ‘friends and family.’

• Payments and designs are non-refundable.

• You may not resell or use my bases or headers to make other headers to sell to others.

For Custom Orders: Once you submit an order I will contact you to confirm/accept and add you to my work list.

For Custom Orders: Fill out the order form completely and as detailed as possible. This is to ensure your design is made the way you want it from the start. If there’s a design you like from another header of mine, let me know when ordering.

For Custom Orders: Once you have been contacted saying your order is accepted, your preview will be completed and sent to you in 1-6 days depending on volume and inspiration.

• When any headers previews are sent out, payment will be required in full before the final design is sent to you.

For Custom Orders: Designs will not be remade. Small modifications may be made at the time previews are sent out. If for any reason you forfeit your design, the design may be sold as a premade to someone else.

For Custom Orders: If you want to push your order to the front of the line you may do so by purchasing a rush order. Rush orders guarantee a turnover rate of 24 hours from time of order confirmation. The rush order fee must be paid at time of acceptance to hold your spot.

• If you fail to pay for a header once it is completed, you will be asked to pay for future orders in full up front.

• This is the part where I write a mystery word to see if you read the rules. The mystery phrase is wondergirl.

• Lastly, credit is due. Please do not take credit for my designs. Please provide a link back to my site: EDGE Designstaring-problem.org/edge

* Please note that in ordering a custom graphic from this site, you agree to the terms listed and understand that I do not take any credit for photographs used in the design and that no copyright infringement is intended. I am not charging you for the photos used nor do you own the photos used. Payment is for services rendered.