Welcome to EDGE Design, a new design site currently offering high quality and affordable fansite headers with some EDGE. I have been designing graphics for fansites for over a decade ( visit my collective ). My designs are a little bit different to others and because of my like for graphic-y elements they tend to range in concept and creativity. I like boldness, color, and many different design elements. The photograph(s) used for a layout are what generally inspire a design for me.
I understand that my types of designs are not for everyone. They’d never be called simple.

I am currently not offering any custom WordPress themes. I’ve gotten asked many times “Where did you get that theme?” for one of my sites and I tell them it’s the same theme I’ve been using on such site or it’s a free one that one of the fansite girls put up and I snagged. You don’t need a new theme every time you change your header. I am sure you all own at least one WordPress theme and I can help you make it lovely with a new header! All my headers come with a color text file to help easily customize your existing WordPress theme’s colors to match your new header.

In the future I may offer other services but until then if you have any questions or are unsure about the design process, check out my help section and be sure to follow me on twitter for the latest news and promotions.

Am I the right designer for you? I like color. I like textures. I like patterns. I like brushes.
My designs are fun and edgy. Is that what you’re looking for?