I have no idea what to put in this place. I may add a blog later on but it’s very doubtful. Is blogging still a thing?

A little about me.. I’m a designer and a fangirl. I would love to be on one of those game shows where they test your knowledge on fandoms and celebrity culture. I think I would be pretty bad ass at it. Just sayin.

I’m a fansite pioneer and enthusiast. I made my first fansite (on Kate Bosworth who is featured on this design) in 2000.. yes, I know, a bazillion years ago. Kate tweeted me once, that was pretty cool.

I’ve met only a few celebrities and would love to meet more because, well, like I said, I fangirl hard. I’ve met.. Kelly Clarkson (I won her ultimate fan contest in Las Vegas a couple years ago), Richard Madden (twice.. and there was hugging. Oh, my Scottish fiend.) and Caity Lotz (the feisty little black canary herself). I’d love to meet Clare Bowen, Drew Barrymore, Arielle Kebbel, Ben Foster, and gosh, pretty much anyone I’m a fan of.

Okay, I think that was sufficient enough. Go browse my site now, hmm.